One Health International Summer Course 2018

A summer course is offered at one of the partner universities to deepen the knowledge regarding food safety and to facilitate the international spirit of this master program.

In summer 2018 the summer course "One Health" will be held at the University of Copenhagen (Faculty of Health Sciences and Medical Sciences) from 12th - 17th August 2018, which also entails a 5-weeks internet-based module from 7th May - 8th June 2018.


The summer course focuses on zoonoses, emerging diseases, infectious diseases, and emerging health-related problems (drug resistance, toxins, pollutants, etc.). The course implements cross-sectorial collaboration, system thinking, coordination and communication.

Course format: The course is composed of two modules: an e-learning module from 7th May - 8th June, combining lectures, quizzes, exercises and on-line discussion, and an on campus module from 12th - 17th August, involving presentations, discussions and working in case-based cross-disciplinary groups.

Level: The course is for MSc students, but is also open to PhD students and postgraduates. The language of instruction is English. Therefore, good English skills are required.

Application: You can find the online application form on as from 22nd January 2018. The application deadline is 1st April 2018.

For further information such as tuition fees, accommodation, etc. please visit the website: .