About SIFC

Safety in the Food Chain has developed as one of the most important and leading questions for public health. Structural, but also organisational changes led to an urgent necessity of a new and interdisciplinary programme – apart from the already existing and established food and agricultural sciences, veterinary and human medicine – in which issues relevant to food and food chain safety management on national and international level can be researched and taught. Reasons for this development mainly were:

  • an increased globalisation in food trade
  • the changes in eating habits and consumer behaviour new legislations 
  • the discovery of new pathogen germs and toxic risks
  • the existence of new and increasingly sensitive proof methods
  • a development of increased possibilities in the field of information technology
  • an increased consumer interest in food safety and quality.

Food inspection authorities working on a national and global scale as well as the food industry needs experts who do have an in-depth knowledge of the complete field of food safety. These skills and the knowledge necessary can only be achieved with the help of an internationally oriented university study programme.